Phuket Zoo


Another fascinating part of the zoo is the Elephants Show. You can watch elephants playing soccer, stepping over people lying on the ground, walking on two legs, forming an elephant pole, trudging on a very narrow bridge, and the elephant dance that charms everyone. One part of Phuket Zoo that will thrill you is the Crocodile Show which stirs excitement among the crowd watching a trainer catch a crocodile with bare hands, lifting a giant reptile the size of a man, and putting his head inside the crocodile’s mouth. To relax further, you can watch other talented animal, Monkeys Show. The monkeys can perform many human activities like playing basketball, carrying baskets, turning a somersault, or greeting people. After the show, you also get a chance to take pictures with these apish stars.

This fascinating experience is ready for you at Phuket Zoo. Currently, there is a new attraction at the zoo - the undersea world. Inside a building is a gigantic aquarium where many lovely fish live among coral of different shapes and colors. The building is shaped like a crocodile; its entrance is a gigantic pair of jaws, giving the feeling of walking inside the crocodile, a unique experience you will not find anywhere else in Phuket. Next to the Undersea World is the Orchid Farm, another delightful spot of the zoo with numerous colorful flowers of various species both local and exotic to enrapture you. Also, you can take pictures with wild animals like tigers and pythons.

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