Kalim Beach is a small rocky beach and has rock and reef formations. Although the beach is adjacent to the famous Patong Beach; beach area have not been developed much. Seaside restaurants and accommodations are available along the beach road. We are recommended you to SOMTUM YUM PAO CAFE & RESTAURANT, serving fresh seafood and all you can eat on the menu.

The Northeast part of Thailand, also known as Isaan, is a high plateau, with low rainfall and porous soil. The cuisine is simple and is traditionally eaten on a pa kao table made from bamboo or rattan. Food in the Northeast is hot, salty and sour. There is another good combination of food that is from the Northeastern part of Thailand. It is very easy to find all over the country. It is “Somtam” (papaya salad). It’s usually served with fresh vegetables (long beans, cucumbers, basils and cabbages). Normally Thai people eat it with sticky rice. They use their fingers to pick up a large handful of sticky rice and mold it with their hands. Then dip it in the juice of papaya salad and eat.  Somtam is very tasty because of its ingredients like young papaya, carrot, chilly, garlic, lime, palm sugar, tomato, long bean and etc. You need to have cold water, or other cold beverage to drink when you have Somtam because of it is truly hot. Fresh vegetables can do as well. For more food, Larb, (chicken or pork or duck) can be ordered with Somtam too. Larb is chopped meat mixed with sliced garlic, mint leaf, and chilly. The herbs used are different in each part of the country.


If you are visiting Phuket, and would like to try Isaan Food, we would like to recommend “Somtum Yum Pao”. It is a small beautiful one store restaurant but suitable for groups, duo or single. Tables are very nicely arranged to make it look spacious. The restaurant is located on Kalim Beach Road. Kalim Beach is small beach north of Patong Beach. You can follow the road along Patong Beach. The restaurant is next to Family Mart. During the meals, you can look out to Kalim Beach accompany by sound of the wave crashing the beach.